Tom Lane wrote:
>> In our case, we have libpq.a and in the same directory,
>> so unless you link with -brtl you will get a static link
>> (because libpq.a is a static library).
> I wonder whether we ought to suppress building (or at least
> our .a libraries at all on AIX.  Adding -btrl to LDFLAGS would help
> within the context of our own build, but external clients that link
> to libpq without saying that are going to get undesirable results.
> I think there's a reasonable argument that by installing a .a file
> isn't a shared library, we are violating the platform's conventions.

The natural way in AIX would be:
- Create
- Create libpq.a by 'rm -f libpq.a; ar -rc libpq.a'
- Install only libpq.a

For a static build on AIX, you have to specify all the libraries and
give the linker -bstatic and -bI:/lib/syscalls.exp

>> Should -brtl be added to src/template/aix?
> Sounds that way, but that'll only help for psql and other stuff built
> within our build.  Could you try this against CVS tip:
> * add -brtl to LDFLAGS in the template
> * Remove the AIX-specific hack on $(libpq) at lines 349-354 of
>   src/
> * see if it configures and builds

I have done that (see the attached patch) and it works fine.
I don't have the native AIX C compiler, so I could only test
it with gcc.

I have taken the liberty to modify the static link line
in to contain the LDAP libraries, I hope
that's appropriate.

Laurenz Albe


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