Naz Gassiep <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> At risk of being chastised for reviving old issues, I was wondering, 
> what are the chances were of getting the dump / restore selectivity into 
> 8.2 ?

None, but feel free to start coding for 8.3.

> I am referring to the idea that, instead of the current 2 parts, a 
> dump could be broken up into 3 parts, namely tables, data and everything 
> else, so that data from one dump could be mixed and matched with schema 
> defs from another dump easily and scriptably.

That seems like a rather spectacular overstatement of the likely
benefits, not to mention a misdescription of what was discussed.

AFAIR what was discussed was separating
        - schema stuff needed before loading data
        - table data
        - schema stuff needed after loading data
where the last category boils down to "indexes and then foreign keys".
All the "other stuff" such as functions really needs to be in the
first part ... or at least there's no visible benefit to delaying
loading it.

                        regards, tom lane

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