> I have just realized that the recent patches in pgbench have altered its
> behavior in a way that destroys reproducibility of results --- I'm
> seeing reported TPS numbers about twice what they were before that.
> I'd love to say we did something in the past month that made the backend
> 2X faster, but sadly, tain't so :-(
> I've only done limited investigation but what seems to be happening
> is that the "-s" scale factor is no longer being applied to adjust the
> range of the random variables, leading to only part of the database
> being touched.  For example, with -s = 10, the older code updates all 10
> "branches" rows but CVS HEAD only seems to touch bid = 1.

As far as I concern the bug is there, but in a different way what you
said. It seems "-s" works. Problem is, pgbench does not get the
default scaling factor (that is same as the number of rows in branches
table), instead alway uses the default scaling factor 1. I have fixed
the problem in CVS HEAD.

> I see that the code still thinks it is scaling the numbers, but the
> mechanism for doing that has changed drastically, and I suspect that's
> the problem.  I assume there's some garden-variety bug in there.
> At a more fundamental level, the recent patches seem to mean that
> pg_dump is doing noticeably more work to issue its queries than it was
> before, and I wonder whether this isn't going to destroy cross-version
> reproducibility in its own way.  Have you done any timing studies to
> verify that the new and old code have comparable performance?  I don't
> mind enhancing pgbench's functionality for non-default tests, but I
> think it's important that the default case remain comparable over time.
> If there is a noticeable speed difference then I'd vote for going back
> to the klugy old code for adjusting the default script's values.

Let me do further performance testing.

> And at the nitpicking level, is ":tps" a good name for the variable that
> reflects the scaling factor?  It seems awfully easy to confuse that with
> the TPS numbers that pgbench reports.  Perhaps ":scale" or some such
> would be better.

I replaced all occurenes of "tps" to scale.
Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan

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