Tom Lane wrote:
Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Tom Lane wrote:
Could we see the actual EXPLAIN ANALYZE results for the slow plan?

Well, indeed it seems that the hash join is just an innocent bystander:
the bulk of the runtime (all but about 120 sec in fact) is spent here:

                     ->  Nested Loop  (cost=13.65..1719683.85 rows=12000672 
width=49) (actual time=60.325..24923860.713 rows=11897899 loops=1)
                           ->  Merge Join  (cost=0.00..10248.66 rows=20000 
width=41) (actual time=16.654..2578.060 rows=19837 loops=1)
                           ->  Bitmap Heap Scan on lineitem  (cost=13.65..77.16 
rows=665 width=16) (actual time=13.492..1254.535 rows=600 loops=19837)
                                 Recheck Cond: (lineitem.l_suppkey = 
                                 ->  Bitmap Index Scan on i_l_suppkey  
(cost=0.00..13.65 rows=665 width=0) (actual time=10.662..10.662 rows=600 
                                       Index Cond: (lineitem.l_suppkey = 

I suppose that the profile result you showed was taken during the
startup transient where it was computing the hashtables that this loop's
results are joined to ... but that's not where the problem is.  The
problem is repeating that bitmap scan on lineitem for nearly 20000
different l_suppkeys.

possible - I actually took them over a longer period of time

Apparently we've made the planner a bit too optimistic about the savings
that can be expected from repeated indexscans occurring on the inside of
a join.  The other plan uses a different join order and doesn't try to
join lineitem until it's got orders.o_orderkey, whereupon it does a
mergejoin against an indexscan on lineitem:

                     ->  Index Scan using i_l_orderkey on lineitem 
(cost=0.00..2715943.34 rows=60003360 width=16) (actual time=32.868..123668.380 
rows=59991868 loops=1)

The runtimes for the remainders of the plans are roughly comparable, so
it's the cost of joining lineitem that is hurting here.

Is lineitem sorted (or nearly sorted) by l_orderkey?  Part of the
problem could be overestimating the cost of this indexscan.

What are the physical sizes of lineitem and its indexes, and how do
those compare to your RAM?  What are you using for planner settings
(particularly effective_cache_size)?

ouch - you are right(as usual) here.
effective_cache_size was set to 10GB(my fault for copying over the conf
from a 16GB box) during the run - lowering it just a few megabytes(!) or
to a more realistic 6GB results in the following MUCH better plan:

as for the relation sizes:

dbt3=# select pg_relation_size('lineitem');
(1 row)

dbt3=# select pg_total_relation_size('lineitem');
(1 row)

there are nine btree indexes on lineitem all between 1,1GB and 1,4GB in size.


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