"Marshall, Steve" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> 1. Is the invalidation of stored plans going to be part of 8.2?  If not,
> any idea when it would be available?  I'd be willing to work on this, if
> it would help.

No, it did not get done; feel free to work on it for 8.3.

> 2. Is there any plan for the other part of my proposal, i.e. the ability
> to force one or all backends to reload their dynamically linked
> libraries?

I would vote urgently against that, as not all loadable libraries are
necessarily designed to survive being reloaded.  Nor have I heard any
previous requests for it; how often do loadable libraries get updated in
production?  Stuff like pltcl.so would only change at a version update,
for which you have to restart the postmaster anyway to bring in the new
executable image for postgres itself.

The LOAD command is meant for development, not as something that would
be invoked in production ...

                        regards, tom lane

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