"Albe Laurenz" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> The patch did not work for me :-(

> Is libpq.so in a non-standard directory? If yes, one either
> has to export LIBPATH in the environment or link with
> -L/location/of/libpq for the executable to find it
> (similar to RPATH in Linux).

libpq will definitely be in a nonstandard directory in buildfarm usage.
It sounds like we should add the local equivalent of RPATH for AIX.

Now I'm pretty dubious that -L is what we want --- -L should have the
semantics of "this is where to find the library right now".  RPATH is
used to point to an expected installation directory that might not
contain the library at the time of linking ... or worse, might contain
an old incompatible version of it.  Does AIX have a true RPATH

                        regards, tom lane

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