Tom Lane wrote:
Mark Dilger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
int1 works perfectly, as far as I can tell. int3 works great in memory, but can't be stored to a table. The problem seems to be that store_att_byval allows data of size 1 byte but not size 3 bytes, forcing me to pass int3 by reference. But when I pass either of these types by reference the backend exits when trying to store to a table.

Please provide a stack trace --- AFAIK there shouldn't be any reason why
a pass-by-ref 3-byte type wouldn't work.  I'm wondering though what
alignment you expect it to have.  You'd need some pretty ugly code to
pick up an unaligned 3-byte integer portably ... but if you align it,
the space savings probably goes out the window.

                        regards, tom lane

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0xb7e01d45 in memcpy () from /lib/
(gdb) bt
#0  0xb7e01d45 in memcpy () from /lib/
#1 0x08077ece in heap_fill_tuple (tupleDesc=0x83c2ef7, values=0x83c2e84, isnull=0x83c2e98 "", data=0x83c2ef4 "", infomask=0x83c2ef0, bit=0x0)
    at heaptuple.c:181
#2 0x08078b0d in heap_form_tuple (tupleDescriptor=0x83c2d78, values=0x83c2e84, isnull=0x83c2e98 "") at heaptuple.c:749
#3  0x0815d2d9 in ExecCopySlotTuple (slot=0x83c26f4) at execTuples.c:558
#4  0x0815d393 in ExecMaterializeSlot (slot=0x83c26f4) at execTuples.c:639
#5 0x081560ca in ExecutorRun (queryDesc=0x83c2834, direction=ForwardScanDirection, count=0) at execMain.c:1401 #6 0x081e78e4 in ProcessQuery (parsetree=0x83c2240, plan=0x83b837c, params=0x3, dest=0x83b8290, completionTag=0xbfedffa0 "") at pquery.c:174 #7 0x081e89f9 in PortalRun (portal=0x83c0064, count=2147483647, dest=0x83b8290, altdest=0x83b8290, completionTag=0xbfedffa0 "") at pquery.c:1076 #8 0x081e4060 in exec_simple_query (query_string=0x83b7bbc "insert into test (a) values (3::int3);") at postgres.c:1004 #9 0x081e6074 in PostgresMain (argc=4, argv=0x836fab4, username=0x836fa8c "mark") at postgres.c:3219
#10 0x081b89b3 in ServerLoop () at postmaster.c:2854
#11 0x081ba21b in PostmasterMain (argc=1, argv=0x836d9f8) at postmaster.c:941
#12 0x081764a8 in main (argc=1, argv=0x836d9f8) at main.c:265

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