There are several entries on the 8.2 open-items list that I think can be

        Fix backward array comparison - subset

Done (this was redundant with the containment-operator item)

        Store only active XIDs in subtransaction cache

Per my note just now, this probably should wait for 8.3.

        Double vacuum speed on tables with no indexes

I changed the locking thing I was worried about.  Unless Greg wants to
do some real-world performance measurements to confirm or refute that
change, I think this can be closed.

        Fix excessive page checking for new btree split code

Per my note yesterday, I can't reproduce the misbehavior I saw six weeks
ago, so I recommend we leave the code alone.

        Suppress error on bind parameters of unknown types

I haven't heard one single person speak up to say "yeah, that's a good
idea", so I conclude it probably isn't.  Recommend we not change it.

BTW, pushing out an 8.1.5 is probably a good idea, but what's it doing
in the 8.2 open-items list?  Especially in the "documentation" section?

                        regards, tom lane

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