Tom Lane wrote:
>> 3) Major hacking in Makefile.shlib to achieve the following:
>>    - is built from libXX.a in the traditional way.
>>      Then libXX.a is deleted, and recreated as archive
>>      containing
>>    - Linking takes place withOUT -brtl, but with -blibpath:...
>>      as in 2).
>>    - When the shared libs are installed, I see two options:
>>      a) copy (and overwrite) libXX.a to libdir, do not
>>         install
> Hm.  The objection I see to this is that it will not support 
> concurrent installation of multiple libpq versions.  What about
> 4) Build and install only, don't install libXX.a at all

Won't work - the linker looks for and won't find If you create a symbolic link -->, you can link, but the executable will
depend on and not on

Moreover, you cannot link statically any more because in a
static link only libXX.a files will be searched...

> 5) As 4), plus actively remove any libXX.a seen in the 
> install directory

Same problem.

Laurenz Albe

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