After takin a swig o' Arrakan spice grog, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Robert Treat) 
belched out:
> On Tuesday 12 September 2006 14:49, Bruce Momjian wrote:
>> Andrew Dunstan wrote:
>> > Bruce Momjian wrote:
>> > > I again will not be able to complete the release notes today as
>> > > promised.  My next target date is Monday, August 18.  Sorry.
>> >
>> > Will that be in a few years, or are you traveling backwards in time? ;-)
>> Sorry, September 18.  I will probably be done before then, but it seems
>> best to set a date I know I will hit.
> Here we go again with another developer who keeps making endless promises for 
> vaporware patches that never show up.  We've already set on-disk bit-map 
> indexes straight on this and I think giving you special treatment sets a bad 
> tone for the project.  At this point I think we have to cut the release notes 
> from this release...  maybe they can be added back in for 8.3. 

I'm happy they're available; I'm prepping a talk on "new stuff" for
Ohio LinuxFest, and for the notes to be available now is pretty ideal.

Seems to me that what I mostly do is print off a copy, show how thick
it is, and say "There are a really a lot of things improved, as
visible on this list; alas, few are obviously 'sexy' new things..."

In seriousness, that is somewhat troublesome with this release, and
that's a challenge for the press release.  (Work on that can
presumably proceed, now, in that there is a feature list to try to

There are lots of little things that I like; it's just hard to point
to any big, easily identifiable things, like PITR, 2PC, recursive
queries, and such.
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