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At this moment we (almost) have a uuid/guid datatype.
As suggested in earlier discussion we provide a raw/plain output of the
uuid type:

devdb=# select * from tbluuid;
                pk                |
 6b13c5a1afb4dcf5ce8f8b4656b6c93c |
 01e40a79b55b6e226bffb577e960453d |
(2 rows)

Which is a Good Format.

I was wondering if we want to have a formatting function to be able to
provide other common formats of the uuid/guid?

something like:

select format_uuid(mypk,'format2') from tbluuid;
and then get: 6b13c5a1-afb4-dcf5-ce8f-8b4656b6c93c

Ehm, I would strongly suggest rather something similar to to_char() family
of date-and-other-stuff formatting function, in the above example:

...or maybe some shorter syntax, like '8N-4N-4N-4N-12N').

This way it gains both flexibility (ANY format user wants is possible, say
using slashes as separator (great for hash-like filename generator) and
readability (no need to look for 'formatN' definition).


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