> Mark Wong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Curious, I'm still seeing the same behavior.  Maybe I'll take another
>> snapshot from CVS.
> Hm, maybe I need to try a bit harder here.  Does the "not registered"
> error happen immediately/reliably for you, or do you need to run the
> test awhile?

It appears to occur for every order status transaction.  You can monitor
the transactions by watching dbt2/scripts/output/*/driver/mix.log.  A 'o'
(lowercase) indicates a successful order status transaction while a 'O'
(uppercase) indiciates an unsuccessful transaction.

or, perhaps a simplier way is to start the database then:

cd dbt2/src
./transaction_test -d localhost -l 5432 -t o

That will connect directly to the database and execute an order status


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