>> I tried to build postgresql from src using vc++ 2005 but was 
>not able to go
>> far before hitting errors related to inline function in the 
>"wchar.c" file.
>> The source file I downloaded is "postgresql-8.1.4.tar.gz".  
>I tried to build
>> it by runing "nmake -f win32.mak"  in the "src" directory.
>> Can v8.1.4 be build using VC++ 2005?  If so, what is the 
>build procedure and
>> if any patches is required.
>there is a patch in the queue which has a decent chance of making it
>into 8.2.  from the stock  8.1 sources it is impossible.

It's been applied, so it'll be in 8.2.

Currently it's broken though, because of some changes during commit.
I'll post a patch to fix this soon.


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