"Ricardo Malafaia" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> my complaint is that, like i said, "timestamp with time zone" is no
> good substitute for a simple "datetime".  Here, someone suggested a
> CREATE DOMAIN to create an alias for it.  Why isn't it provided there
> out-of-the-box by default?  So you have the SQL standard timestamp and
> the industry standard datetime.

In which part of the industry is "datetime" industry standard?  Last
I heard, the SQL spec was the industry standard.

> and, while $$ is a whole lot better than '', why do we really need
> these?  Why not a normal, simple, begin end block or {}?

Doesn't work real well for arbitrary PL languages: you are effectively
assuming that the main SQL parser can lex every language anyone might
want to write a PL with.  I think I need stray no further than plperl
to provide a counterexample: should the SQL parser be expected to
realize that qq/end/ does not represent a matching "end"?

> and Tom, i don't really want a GUI:

No, but it sounds like your co-workers do.

                        regards, tom lane

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