Gevik Babakhani wrote:
> Folks,
> Could someone please provide information about how to create a correct
> regression test?

Some information you can find on the PGXS docs:

    The scripts listed in the <varname>REGRESS</> variable are used for
    regression testing of your module, just like <literal>make
    installcheck</literal> is used for the main
    <productname>PostgreSQL</productname> server.  For this to work you need
    to have a subdirectory named <literal>sql/</literal> in your extension's
    directory, within which you put one file for each group of tests you want
    to run.  The files should have extension <literal>.sql</literal>, which
    should not be included in the <varname>REGRESS</varname> list in the
    makefile.  For each test there should be a file containing the expected
    result in a subdirectory named <literal>expected/</literal>, with extension
    <literal>.out</literal>.  The tests are run by executing <literal>make
    installcheck</literal>, and the resulting output will be compared to the
    expected files.  The differences will be written to the file
    <literal>regression.diffs</literal> in <command>diff -c</command> format.
    Note that trying to run a test which is missing the expected file will be
    reported as <quote>trouble</quote>, so make sure you have all expected

Note that not all of this applies to the backend regression tests, but
it should help.  For the backend, you list the tests in the
serial_schedule and parallel_schedule files.

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