> > Seems __vc_errcode was used during Visual C++ beta at some 
> point, and 
> > is now declared deprecated in the system headers. This 
> patch renames 
> > our use of it to __msvc_errcode, so we don't conflict anymore.
> If we need this change in plpython, why not also 
> src/include/port/win32.h?

That's a very good question. It is because something that's pulled in
from the python headers causes the deprecation to show. Whereas when we
compile other things, the deprecation is hidden somewhere in an #ifdef
or so. But its definitly not *wrong* to fix it in win32.h as well.

The level of header files can be quite horrible to find this in, so I
haven't dug deep enough to find exactly which define it comes from. But
given that it's somewhere in the python headers, it's not something we
can change anyway.


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