On 9/16/06, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
The only asymmetry in the thing is that if log_statement fired then
we suppress duplicate printing of the query in the later duration log
message (if any) for that query.  But that seems like the right thing
if you're at all concerned about log volume.

Perhaps I'm not representative of the users of these settings but when
I used log_statement='all', I didn't really care about the log volume.
I knew it really generates a lot of log lines and it slows down my

My only concern was that we now have less information with
log_statement='all' than with log_min_duration_statement.

That said, I don't use it myself now: I use exclusively
log_min_duration_statement and log_duration. So if you think it's
better like that, it's ok for me.

Does anyone else have an opinion about this?


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