First, I asked about this on #postgresql, and I realize that this request
would be a low priority item.  Yet, it would be an improvement for security

When creating a function using EXTERNAL SECURITY DEFINER, by default PUBLIC
has execute privileges on it.  That's unexpected given that when I create a
new table, PUBLIC doesn't have any privileges on it.  It's also not a secure

My request is to allow changing default permissions for function creation, a
la "umask", or at least not give PUBLIC execute permissions by default.  I
am aware that it is possible to wrap the create function statement with the
necessary grants/revokes inside a transaction, as a work-around, but it is
not obvious and makes things unnecessarily inconvenient.  This increases the
chances of beginner and even medium-skill admins to get their security

Pascal Meunier
Purdue University CERIAS

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