Josh Berkus <> writes:

>> I was actually hoping for more feedback on the content itself. I'm
>> still not clear if it's supposed to be "developers only - to the
>> exclusion of users" or "developers only - but accessable to anyone".
> It should be readable by everyone, but editable only by authorized users.

I think the lessons of wikipedia is precisely that you *don't* want to add
such barriers. You want to let people add stuff pretty much freely. That
encourages people to get involved and put up information. 

Experience shows that most people are cooperative most of the time. If there
turns out to be particularly contentious areas you can restrict access to
those areas to authorized users or ban ip addresses.

I've already put some stuff up there. I didn't plan to, but when I was
browsing I had ideas and the ability to add content was just one click away...

  Gregory Stark

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