1. It isn't easy to login

Really? You're kidding, right? You click a link that requires login, and
you get a browser login box. How much easier can it be?

What URL are you talking about?


Where do I click login? Where do I click create account? Where do I click to login?

2. It is even harder to create a login

Again, really? If yo uget the login prompt and hit cancel (or just login
with an invalid password), that says "you need a community login. If you
don't hav eone, click here to read about it." If you "click here", you
get to the page where you sign up.

You are corrent, now that I have tried it.

If I click edit, and then cancel because I don't have a login I get a page that tells me:

* Login required

* Accessing this resource requires a community login. If you don't have * one, you can read about it here. To try again, just press your
* browsers Refresh button.

Which pretty much goes against how every other site in the world does it. I shouldn't have to throw an exception to perform the correct behavior.

That page that tells me where to login should come *BEFORE* I get a login prompt.

Now, explaining this process on the frontpage of the techdocs part of
the site might not be a bad idea at all (in fact, it's a good idea :-P),
but do you honestly think the process is complex? If so, what should we
do to make it easier?

Let me rephrase. It is not complex, it is not standard. Which makes it confusing.

What I expect is this:

Open web browser
Go to techdocs

Either the first thing I see is,

* You are not logged in, if you wish to edit content click here to login or create an account.

 * When I click edit the above happens.

3. There is no creation of login for most people because they don't know they have to go to the community portion of the www site to get to it.

See above, you don't need to do this.

You are correct but most people are going to be confused. They are going to click edit, see a login/password they don't have and move on. Heck I probably have hit cancel before and didn't even read the text after.


Because the text after a login failure or cancel when using httpd auth is almost ALWAYS telling me I need a correct login. Not giving a link to login.


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