Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Well, of course, the internet is renowned for its preponderance of people overburdened with humility and fairness. :-)

I think if you ask the php development team the chances are high that
they will agree that I have done exactly that for the PHP todo list.

Seriously, what will be the point? It strikes me as likely to be a huge amount of wasted effort. If the wiki is updated by others then they will be using the wrong forum (should be on the mailing list). And I suspect nobody much will use it to look for anything.

The point is that you no longer argue in circles, do not have to use the
ever intimitating "read the archives" (which buys newcomers nothing
since archives are essentially useless if you are trying to understand
the contents of a lengthy discussion you did not partcipate in yourself)
and give people some transparency.

As for the TODO list, its items belong in a tracker, IMNSHO, as feature items (as opposed to bugs). So exactly what would go on a wiki? ISTM we are in danger of wanting to use technology because we like it, rather than because it is appropriate.

The problem with a tracker is that again like complicated mailinglist
threads, they rarely summarize things. Since most trackers are not
threaded, they are less confusing to read up afterwards, but at the same
time due to lack of threading they are less useful at discussing the issue.

So imho a tracker is nice to make it very easy to query the status of a
giving issue (fixed in branch xyz etc), a mailing list is great for
discussions and a wiki is great for summarizing discussions. The wiki
can be linked to inside the tracker/mailinglist.


PS: Did you intentionally only reply to me?

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