I would like to have your thoughts on a solution for the duplicate OIDs.

I wanted to apply the uuid patch on a newly download source from the
CVS. Patching and "make install" went just okay but "make check" and
initdb failed to my surprise. A quick look at duplicate_oids showed that
almost all of the OIDs I got available from unused_oids were already in
use. So naturally I went "!!?! segmentation fault **!!?".

I can only imagine how time consuming this can be for the committers to
correct these manually.

I think we can solve this problem with the combination of the following
three steps.

1. When using new OIDs always start from a fixed number. For example
10000. This way the new OIDs are easy to recognize and the developer can
continue the work. 
2. Always use the new OIDs sequentially.
3. Make a small utility that goes through a patch, finds the new OIDs
and changes them back to a value specified by the committer(s).

Would this be workable?


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