Simon Riggs wrote:
> I'd like to get some clarity on those dates as soon as possible, if they
> are significantly earlier than May. EDB is planning some major work, so
> need to see whether those projects are 8.3 or 8.4 timescale.
> Whatever the date, I'd like to suggest we have 2 sync points a year, not
> one. Sync point meaning where we clear the patch queue and consolidate,
> but don't go through the whole release process. That way we won't get
> this stupidly busy period where Bruce and Tom go into overdrive while
> everyone else waits before they begin next developments. Checkpoints are
> a performance issue, as we know. Right now, you can only start big
> projects once each year and whichever way you cut it, 8.4 is a long way
> off yet.

My guess is that 8.3 will be about at long as 8.2 unless a huge number
of must-have features appear early in 8.3, and we will not know that for

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