On Mon, Sep 18, 2006 at 10:09:52PM +0100, Tom Dunstan wrote:
> Hmm. A simpler way lessen the pain might be to have a script which could 
> update OIDs in your catalog files. You'd have to run it BEFORE doing a 
> merge. Ie, suppose I've allocated 2978-2991 in my patch, but since then 
> OIDs have been allocated up to and including 2980. The way to tell that 


Seems awfully complicated. The numbers don't mean anything, they don't
have to be contiguous. If you want to reduce the chance of conflict,
find a nice big block in unused_oids, add a random number between 0 and
100 and use that. Or squeeze yourself into a block that exactly fits
what you need. There's simply not that many patches that need numbers
to worry about anything complicated.

When I needed a few dozen OIDs for an (unapplied) patch I simply picked
2900 and went up from there. That was a while ago and there's no
conflict yet.

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