Jim C. Nasby wrote:
> I couldn't remember if you wanted grammar/spelling nitpicks, so I
> included them... sorry for the noise if you didn't want them.
> #Improve performance of statistics monitoring, especially
> pg_stat_activity (Tom)#
> I would s/pg_stat_activity/stats_command_string/, since that's where the
> actual change was. Can probably get combined with "Default
> stats_command_string to 'on'" as well.
> "Add system view pg_prepared_statements to show prepared statements
> (Joachim Wieland)
> Add system view pg_cursors to show open cursors (Joachim Wieland)


> Both this and pg_prepared_statements are very useful for pooled
> connection setups."
> Should read "Both of these are very useful..."

I don't think I can't change that because they are two separate bullet

> "The old behavior is still available by omitting '.'. The new behavior is
> substantially more useful since it allows, for example, triggers to
> check for data changes with 'if row(new.) is distinct from row(old.*)'."
> This isn't really clear... are you saying you can do if row(new*)? Also,
> is the lack of * in the new example intentional?

Yea, it was confusing. Updated:

Yes, it was confusing.  I reordered it to be:

        The new behavior is substantially more useful since it allows,
        for example, triggers to check for data changes with <literal>IF
        row(new.*) IS DISTINCT FROM row(old.*)</>.  The old behavior is 
        still available by omitting <literal>.*</>.

I made all the other changes you listed below.  If anyone has other
improvements, please let me know.


> "Allow placeholder (shell) types to be create (Martijn van Oosterhout)"
> should be created...
> "Remove dead index entries during btree page split (Junji Teramoto)"
> Technically should be s/during/before/. Though, this is already listed
> before under performance; not sure what the intention with duplicate
> entries is... 

> "Avoid extra scan of table during VACUUM of index-less table (Greg
> Stark)"
> Should be 'tables'.
> "Add option to allow indexes to be created indexes without blocking
> concurrent writes to the table (Greg Stark)"
> Drop second 'indexes'.
> "Add option to run the entire session in a single transaction (Simon)"
> If this is doing what I think it is, it'd be clearer to say "allow
> turning autocommit off". We're not actually inforcing that the entire
> session be a single transaction, right?
> "Rtree has been re implemented using GIST."
> Missing -.
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