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Markus Schaber wrote:

>> Should I try hacking my mail reader to prevent this?  I think I see
>> where it is happening in the code.
> AFAICT, the wrapping of long header lines by indentation (as your mailer
> seems to do) is RFC conformant, so I think it is majordomo who needs the
> fix.
> The only possible bug I could see is that your mailer implements the
> indentation incorrectly (tabs vs. spaces, incorrect level of indentation
> etc.).

I just re-read http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2822.html and it seems that
the first character of the continuation has to be a space or tab, so I
assume that your mailer wors correctly.

Btw, header lines have a limit of 998 characters, so, for longer
subjects, wrapping them is a must. :-)

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