I discussed with Gavin about "pg_downgrade" process. I think that it should be much dangerous and more complex problem than upgrade. Some operation on the new system should makes downgrade impossible ...

My experience with database upgrades is that downgrade is requested only if there some show stopper. Upgrade process is performed on test machine at first time to avoid any problems.

My first question is how important is downgrade for You and Your customers?

And second is how to verify that downgrade is possible?

Following article describes how to downgrade oracle: http://www.stanford.edu/dept/itss/docs/oracle/10g/server.101/b10763/downgrade.htm The main problem is when new functionality is used for example in the PL/SQL or new data type is used in the table definition. Oracle has compatible parameter which disable new features. I think that there is not way how to secure this in postgres now? And it should be big change in the code. Any suggestion?


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