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> Matthew T. O'Connor schreef:
> > Walter Cruz wrote:
> >> The larger version is only hidden from everyone :)
> >>
> >> 
> http://people.planetpostgresql.org/mha/uploads/photo/conf/conf
> erence_group.jpg 
> >> 
> <http://people.planetpostgresql.org/mha/uploads/photo/conf/con
> ference_group.jpg> 
> >>
> > 
> > Very cool, I was hoping someone would post this.  Any 
> chance we can get 
> > a list of names to go with the faces?
> Yeah, then we can see if the people actually look as 
> intelligent as they 
> sound ;)
> But seriously, it would be nice to be able to visualise the 
> people who's 
>    mail you are reading/responding to. No actual value in 
> this, just fun...

I'm not sure many of us could name everyone.

Here's a starter though:

The guy with the PostgreSQL sign round his neck is Devrim Gunduz. The
guy holding one up at the back is Chris Browne. On the front row theres
Josh Berkus in the middle, Peter Eisentraut to the right, and Gavin
Sherry on the far right. Bruce is behind Gavin in the light blue shirt,
next to Tatsuo Ishii and Alvaro. Tom is one row from the back, in the
middle with the grey-brown shirt on, and to the left of him is D'arcy
(with the hat) and then Magnus Hagander, Thomas Hallgren and Neil

Regards Dave.

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