Le jeudi 21 septembre 2006 01:52, Tom Lane a écrit :
> Or we could try to do something about limiting the number of such locks
> that can be granted, but that seems nontrivial to tackle at such a late
> stage of the devel cycle.
> Thoughts?

What about reserving some amount of shared_buffers out of those locks?
(For example ext2 preserve some disk space for root in case of emergency)

Don't know anything about how easily (error prone) this can be done, though.

Le jeudi 21 septembre 2006 16:22, Tom Lane a écrit :
> Another reason for restricting access to the advisory-lock functions
> is that an uninformed application might take the wrong locks, and
> bollix up your intended usage accidentally.

This sounds like one more attempt to protect against idiots, which universe 
tend to produce on a pretty quick rate :)

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