Jeremy Drake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I put together a patch which adds a regression test for large objects,
> hopefully attached to this message.  I would like some critique of it, to
> see if I have gone about it the right way.  Also I would be happy to hear
> any additional tests which should be added to it.

I'd prefer it if we could arrange not to need any absolute paths
embedded into the test, because maintaining tests that require such is
a real PITA --- instead of just committing the actual test output, one
has to reverse-convert it to a ".source" file.

I suggest that instead of testing the server-side lo_import/lo_export
functions, perhaps you could test the psql equivalents and write and
read a file in psql's working directory.  I think we could do without
the Moby Dick extract too ... 

                        regards, tom lane

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