> Good afternoon, dear PostgreSQL developers!
> First I want to thank all of you for the great DB Server! 
> It's really useful, thank you!
> Second, here is my question(guys from #postgresql channel 
> advised to write to dev list):
> I want to make a silent install of PostgreSQL version 8.1 
> using your recommendations on 
> http://pginstaller.projects.postgresql.org/silent.html . 
> But when I use this command:
> msiexec /i postgresql-8.1.msi /qb! /l*vx "c:\pg_inst1.log" 
> INTERNALLAUNCH=1 ADDLOCAL=server,psql,pgadmin,jdbc,docs 
> I have nothing happened except  appearing of window for 1 
> second with words: 
> "Preparing to install...".  Then I can find msiexec.exe in 
> processes with 0% CPU usage. I pasted full msi log below. 
> What's the problem, can you tell me?

You're not quite following the manual. You are executing
postgresql-8.1.msi, not postgresql-8.1-int.msi. Small change, should
make all the difference you need.


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