> >> No.  We're a very long way away from considering removing the 
> >> postmaster symlink, so it doesn't matter.
> > Well, per previous discussion, we're removing 
> postmaster.exe from the
> > win32 installer, because it bloats the distribution wihtout 
> any gain 
> > (remember - windows doesn't have symlinks, so we need a 
> complete copy 
> > of a file that's 4Mb or so). So it would matter there.
> Well, you could copy postgres.exe to postmaster.exe during 
> install, so I don't think you ever did need to bloat the 
> distribution, only the install footprint. 

Except you're not supposed to do that, because the MSI auto-healing and
things like that won't work...

> The question here 
> is whether you're ready to break existing custom scripts for 
> starting the postmaster.  Maybe there are none such in the 
> wild on Windows, but I'd be hesitant to assume that.

We're guessing there aren't - if there are, those are scripts calling
the SCM which in turns starts postgresql. So we're doing it now - if it
turns up in beta that people were actually using it from elsewhere,
we'll jus thave to put it back.


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