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> > > For example, didn't pgAdmin just add support for Slony? That's
> > > something worth mentioning.
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> > That was our last major release. You can see what will be in 1.6 at
> > http://www.pgadmin.org/development/changelog.php
> Could you clarify this a bit?  As far as I can tell, it's not possible
> to set up slony initially with pgadmin 1.4.latest.  Has this changed
> in 1.6?

The only change to the Slony support in 1.6 is a minor update to allow
it to initialise a Slony 1.2 cluster (the version number needs to be
inserted into the slony1_funcs script now). 

The only parts of the initial setup that pgAdmin doesn't do are the
installation of the Slony shared libraries, or the copying of the schema
(actually, pgAdmin can do this - it just doesn't do it automagically.
Just backup and restore the relevant bits of your schema on the slave

All the Slony support in pgAdmin was written as part of a contract with
a Japanese company (SKC) to port Slony to Windows - that work was
finished almost a year ago.

Regards, Dave

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