Hi Mark,

Thanks for doing the test. I checked out the link you provided below. I am a
little confused about the goal of these tests. Do you plan to test the
overall performance of postgreSQL on handling TPC-H queries?


On 9/22/06 3:45 PM, "Mark Wong" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Jie Zhang wrote:
>> Hi Heikki and all,
>> I just sent the latest bitmap index patch to the list. I am not sure if
>> there is any size limit for this mailing list. If you have received my
>> previous email, please let me know.
> Hi Jie,
> I know I said I was going to get testing on this months ago but I've
> been juggling between 3 systems due to disk failures and other hardware
> configuration issues.  Anyways, I've take a baseline run of only the
> power test using a 1GB database with the patch 09-17 patch against a
> snapshot of pgsql from 2006-09-17:
> http://dbt.osdl.org/dbt/dbt3testing/results/dev8-007/2/
> Do you think the 1GB scale factor will be sufficient for testing as it
> will certainly be faster?  Do you think testing with just a power test
> will be sufficient for now?  I really don't have a good reason why I
> didn't run a throughput test other than to save time. :)  I also wanted
> to get your opinion again on which indexes we will want to try first.
> Thanks,
> Mark

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