On Mon, Sep 25, 2006 at 09:29:28AM +0200, Jean-Paul Argudo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to submit two ideas:
> 1/
> In the daily tasks I have as (also) a standard DBA, I found usefull to
> view locks in a human point of view. I think the "~ '^pg_'" part of the
> queries may be not so clean... Any ideas welcome :)
Technically, you need to look and see what schema something is in. Take
a look at how the newsysviews project on pgFoundry does it.

> 2/
> Also, I like having a cache hit/miss ratio. This is why I add a function
> "pg_stat_get_db_hit_miss_ratio(database oid)" to pg_stat_database, in a
> "bis" view.
> Since I dont want to flood the mailing list with a possible useless
> thing, I put my sql/plpgsql code here:
> http://priam.dalibo.net/~jpa/propositions/
> Please take a look at it and tell me if this could be usefull or not..

The general consensus seems to be that the things in pg_catalog should
provide a minimalist view. The newsysviews project was created in the
hope that we could get a more human-friendly version of that data put
into core, but it's been neglected for a while now (for one thing, there
was desire to make it look more like information_schema).
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