Tom Lane wrote:
Anything that involves having VACUUM re-evaluate index expressions is a
nonstarter ... or have you already forgotten the optimizations we put
into 8.2 that assume, eg, no sub-transactions within a VACUUM?

Umm, I'm afraid I have. Could you give me a clue?

3. Do nothing. Let index scans mark the index tuple as dead when it's
convenient. There's no correctness problem with just leaving dead index
tuples there, because you have to check the index quals on each heap
tuple anyway when you scan.

And we're back to routine REINDEX I guess :-(. This doesn't seem like a
satisfactory answer.

In general, it isn't.

Though there are interesting use cases where it would be fine. For example, if you remove old data by dropping a partition, there's never really need to vacuum. Or if all of the data is accessed during normal operation, the index scans set the LP_DELETE flags and no additional vacuum is really needed.

Also, now that we have concurrent CREATE INDEX, we could implement concurrent REINDEX as well, I believe.

Heikki Linnakangas

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