Hello guys,

I would like to ask you to change my name on picture from "Radovan
Jablonov" to "Radovan Jablonovsky". I am guy bellow Postgresql sign
sitting on the ground in dark red shirt.

Radovan Jablonovsky
Database Architect/DBA
Arrow Transportation Systems Inc. 
Tel: (250) 571-7773
WWW: www.arrowtransportation.com

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Tak tomu napis a oprav si jmeno :-)

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> > Here's a starter though:
> >
> > The guy with the PostgreSQL sign round his neck is Devrim Gunduz.
> > The guy holding one up at the back is Chris Browne. On the front
> row
> > theres Josh Berkus in the middle, Peter Eisentraut to the right,
> and
> > Gavin Sherry on the far right. Bruce is behind Gavin in the light
> blue
> > shirt, next to Tatsuo Ishii and Alvaro. Tom is one row from the
> back,
> > in the middle with the grey-brown shirt on, and to the left of
> him is
> > D'arcy (with the hat) and then Magnus Hagander, Thomas Hallgren
> and
> > Neil Clifford.
> I started with an imagemap version of this one after the
> conference. Let me finish off some of that and put it up somewhere
> so people can complete it.

Ok. I've got this up at

Help requested to complete the names not yet added - send private email.


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