Stefan Kaltenbrunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Tom Lane wrote:
>> It evidently thinks that most of the rows in the join of part and
>> partsupp won't have any matching rows in lineitem, whereas on average
>> there are about 7 matching rows apiece.  So that's totally wacko, and
>> it's not immediately obvious why.  Could we see the pg_stats entries for
>> part.p_partkey, partsupp.ps_partkey, partsupp.ps_suppkey,
>> lineitem.l_partkey, lineitem.l_suppkey?


OK, so we have 2 million parts and 100000 suppliers, and ANALYZE doesn't
seem to have been too far off at estimating either of those numbers.
I think the problem is that there are not very many suppliers for any
particular part, and thus the condition "part match AND supplier match"
is really not much more selective than "part match" alone.  The planner
is supposing that their selectivities are independent, which they

Offhand I don't see any good way to fix this without multi-column
statistics, which is something that's certainly not happening for 8.2 :-(

                        regards, tom lane

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