Searched again for 'pgpass' and for the 'Application Data' directory with no luck...

And, tell me it ain't so "you don't have to build the windows version from source to use SSL" -- I had two seperate posters tell me that I did and I wrestled with it for a bit...for nothing?? Ah, live and learn! :o) I don't think I'll consider myself a 'newbie' after this project is done. :o)

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On Tue, 26 Sep 2006, Jeanna Geier wrote:

Any thoughts?? Like I said previously, I did build this on Windows from source so we could use the SSL option.....could I have missed something when I was doing that? (It was my first time and I was following instructions from the INSTALL docs)

Jeanna, see my earlier email regarding all the different variations and also where to find your pgpass file on windows. But, please note, you don't have to build the windows version from source to use SSL. The two binary versions I was using for testing both worked fine with SSL.

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