My application based on Java servlets was running fine with version PostgreSQL 7.x, but started giving error: "transaction is read-only", in version 8.0 and 8.1. I am using Suse Linux 9.3/PostgreSQL 8.0 or Suse Linux 10.1/PostgreSQL 8.1. I am using JDBC 3 drivers and all connections are in auto-commit mode. Could you please tell me what's going wrong. Strangely, I looked through all the postings in all the forums but could not find a mention of this problem. Am I doing something exttremely stupid or has something  changed in version 8 onwards that's causing this problem? The error appears sporadically, not always but quite frequently. I am using the standard postgresql.conf, except that I had increased the shared buffers and working memory sizes.
I'd really appreciate if anyone could suggest a pointer for further investigation, if not an outright solution.
Thanks in advance..

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