I try 8.2 features. I tested to_char from doc, but without success.

postgres=# select to_char(now(), 'TMDay, DD TMMonth YYYY');
Thursday, 28 September 2006
(1 row)

I expected translated names :-(. What can be wrong.

lc_collate | cs_CZ.UTF-8 | Shows the collation order locale. lc_ctype | cs_CZ.UTF-8 | Shows the character classification and case conversion locale. lc_messages | cs_CZ.UTF-8 | Sets the language in which messages are displayed. lc_monetary | cs_CZ.UTF-8 | Sets the locale for formatting monetary amounts. lc_numeric | cs_CZ.UTF-8 | Sets the locale for formatting numbers.
lc_time                         | cs_CZ.UTF-8


Pavel Stehule

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