> 2) If I were willing to add a GSSAPI or SASL layer as an 
> alternative to the bare Krb 5 support would anyone be willing 
> to help with the supporting mods to the pg_hba.conf parsing, 
> and configure?

Sure, I can help out with that. I've done a bunch of work on the current
kerberos stuff (tohugh I'm by no means the author) in order to make it
work on win32, so I have a little bit of a clue around that code ATM.

As for the other part - will core accept this - I can't answer that. I
do beleive that there is a point to it, given that Java will then
support it natively, but I'm not core. I'm unsure if there is a clear
view on the merits of adding more authentication options..


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