On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 03:07:39PM -0700, David Wheeler wrote:
> PostgreSQLers,
> I just ran into an issue where a client thought that autovacuum was  
> running but it wasn't. This is because it's not fatal when autovacuum  
> is on but stats_start_collector and/or stats_row_level is off. I  
> suspect that there's a reason that it's not fatal, so I thought that  
> it might be useful to give folks just a little bit of help by telling  
> them in postgresql.conf that they need to enable them in order for  
> autovacuum to work.

+1. I was just at a client today that had run into this problem.

Actually, I'm in favor of refusing to start if autovac is on but the
proper stats settings aren't. I'd rather that then people ending up with
bloated databases and crappy performance.
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