Tom Lane wrote:
> "Joshua D. Drake" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Is there any reason why we haven't built a generic authentication API?
>> Something like PAM, except cross platform?
> We're database geeks, not security/crypto/authentication geeks.  What
> makes you think we have any particular competence to do the above?

Well that is a valid point :). I was just asking.
Joshua D. Drake

> Actually, the part of this proposal that raised my hackles the most was
> the claim that GSSAPI provides a generic auth API, because that was
> exactly the bill of goods we were sold in connection with PAM.  (So why
> is this our problem at all --- can't you make a PAM plugin for it??)
> It didn't help any that that was shortly followed by the lame admission
> that no one has ever implemented anything except Kerberos underneath it.
> Word to the wise, guys: go *real* soft on vaporware claims for auth
> stuff, because we've seen enough of those before.
>                       regards, tom lane


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