Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
If we want to keep the property that VACUUM doesn't re-evaluate index entries, any proposal that doesn't keep track of every heap tuple isn't going to work. I'll try to modify the design I had in mind so that it does keep track of every heap tuple in some form.
After some thought:

Imagine a normal B-tree just like what we have now. But when there is more than one tuple on the same heap page with consecutive index keys, we represent all of them in a single index tuple that contains the key of the first one of them, and a (run-length encoded) bitmap of the OffsetNumbers. We should get most of the space and I/O savings as with the original proposal, but we can vacuum it without re-evaluating index expressions.

It does change the format of an index tuple, unlike the original proposal. That adds some complexity. but it's doable.

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