At the beginning of the month, in
I said that I'd be willing to try to do any sort of co-ordination,
document writing, &c. for a project that might define common back-end
resources necessary for the various kinds of replication systems
people seem to want.

There seems to be a widespread agreement that there is more than one
sort of replication facilities that are desired, and that none of the
systems on offer satisfies all of those desires.  There also seems to
be a hope that we could come to some sort of agreement on what the
necessary conditions for any of these facilties are.  If we could,
then we could build the necessary framework to provide those
conditions, and it could be made available in the back end without
every replication project having to be shipped with the main
PostgreSQL code.  

I have absolutely no clue whether this is really possible, but it
seems like it might be worth trying to find out at least in
principle.  So I said I'd try to co-ordinate the definition of the
necessary conditions.

Someone suggested to me that I set up a mailing list to do that,
because otherwise we might generate a lot of pointless noise on the
-hackers list.  I have set up a list.  If anyone is interested, you
can subscribe to [EMAIL PROTECTED] either by
<http://pgfoundry.org/mailman/listinfo/replica-hooks-discuss> or by
mailing <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> with a subject
of "subscribe".


Andrew Sullivan  | [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This work was visionary and imaginative, and goes to show that visionary
and imaginative work need not end up well. 
                --Dennis Ritchie

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