That seems right, there won't be a performance impact unless the warnings are 

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Stephen Frost <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>   When loading a rather large data set I started getting errors along
>   these lines:
> psql:/home/sfrost/school/cs750/reality/dump-anonymized.postgres.sql:262:
> WARNING:  nonstandard use of escape in a string literal
> LINE 1: ...XXXXXXXXXX 9999,9:9:999'),(99999,'000000000000',0,'XXXXX XXX...
>                                                              ^
> HINT:  Use the escape string syntax for escapes, e.g., E'\r\n'.

>   Which, by themselves, aren't really an issue *except* for the fact
>   that I got an *insane* number of them.  I don't think it was quite one
>   for every row (of which there were 20,795, you'll note) but it was
>   more than enough to drive me insane.  Additionally, cancel requests
>   were ignored.

That's not too surprising because I don't believe there are any
CHECK_FOR_INTERRUPTS calls in the basic lex/parse loop.  That wouldn't
normally be a problem because that phase is pretty quick, but it is a
problem if the system is spitting tons of messages at you.

It seems like a reasonable thing to do would be to add a
CHECK_FOR_INTERRUPTS in elog.c just after sending a notice/warning
message to the client.


                        regards, tom lane

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