> > That log entry is the last (of consequence) entry before 
> the machine says:
> > 2006-09-28 16:40:36.921  LOG:  received fast shutdown request
> Oh?  That's pretty interesting on a Windows machine, because 
> AFAIK there wouldn't be any standard mechanism that might tie 
> into our homegrown signal facility.  Anyone have a theory on 
> what might trigger a SIGINT to the postmaster, other than 
> intentional pg_ctl invocation?

pg_ctl will send SIGINT to the postmaster when the service is stopped,
or when windows is shutting down. 

Do you get anything about the postgresql service in the eventlog within
say a minute of this happening? (before or after)

Could it be a backend or the postmaster trying to send a signal to a
different backend, that for some reason sends it to the wrong process?


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