> > Oh, I just got the email from Magnus which says do not use v2.1,
> but
> > 1.875, so I guess that's what I did wrong.  Oops!
> Certainly not --- we work with both of those (I have 1.875 on one
> of my devel machines and 2.1 on two others).  In fact, your diff
> says you have
> 2.1 on the failing machine and 2.2 on the working one, which got my
> attention because I didn't know there was a 2.2.
> Right at the moment I'm not seeing what's significant in your diff
> and what's just incidental to 2.1-vs-2.2 coding changes and
> Windows-vs-Linux \n vs \r\n newline discrepancies.  I'm about outta
> steam for tonight...
> anyone else want to look closely?

Well, it *does* break with 2.1 on win32-native. Could be something
simple, could be that it's just generating msvc-incompatible code. I
didn't look into the details, I tried the older version and then it
worked :-) Never realliy had the time to look into the details of why it
was failing.


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