"Strong, David" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Obviously, different copy mechanisms suit different data sizes. So, I
> added a little debug to the strlcpy () function that was added to
> Postgres the other day. I ran a test against Postgres for ~15 minutes
> that used 2 client backends and the BG writer - 8330804 calls to
> strlcpy () were generated by the test.
> Out of the 8330804 calls, 6226616 calls used a maximum copy size of
> 2213 bytes e.g. strlcpy (dest, src, 2213) and 2104074 calls used a
> maximum copy size of 64 bytes.
> I know the 2213 size calls come from the set_ps_display () function. I
> don't know where the 64 size calls come from, yet.

Prepared-statement and portal hashtable lookups, likely.  Were your
clients using V3 extended query protocol?

                        regards, tom lane

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